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Patient Care

The Center for Neurogenetics’ precision medicine approach strives to provide insight into each patient’s disorder by determining the specific molecular changes that may have predisposed the patient to neurological disease. The Center’s Neurogenetics Research Clinics offer patients genetic counseling as well as opportunities to participate in studies that seek to identify the causes and treatments of neurogenetic disorders. We also maintain a research “biobank” or repository of genetic information, so that even if no treatments are available now, we can keep searching for answers.

For Patients

When you meet with our clinicians for an initial consultation, they will inform you about the goals, risks, and benefits of a neurogenetic research study. If you decide to enroll, you will sign a consent form giving our team permission to review your medical and family history, conduct blood tests, and study your genome. We aim to provide the highest standard of care, and thus, we may first recommend existing clinical testing available through a medical diagnostics laboratory before pursuing genome sequencing for research purposes. 

We see patients on a referral-only basis. If you are a patient interested in personalized neurogenetics, please make an appointment with one of our referring physicians through the Department of Neurology, the Department of Neurological Surgery, or the Department of Pediatrics’ Division of Child Neurology. You may also contact and of our Certified Genetic Counselor using our contact form.

For Clinicians

If you have a patient who you think would benefit from precision medicine at the Center for Neurogenetics, please contact

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