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Ways to Give

Our nervous system forms our minds and senses, our feelings and our consciousness, the essence of who we are. Disorders of the nervous system have myriad impacts on individuals and on our society as a whole. And yet, many neurological diseases are still poorly understood, their causes still mysterious. The Center for Neurogenetics and the Feil Family Brain & Mind Research Institute at Weill Cornell Medicine aims to change that. We are discovering that many nervous system disorders actually have a genetic basis, and our work helps unlock their secrets. 

With your help, we can attract, train, and retain stellar researchers and clinicians, and support their explorations with leading-edge technology and facilities. We can work with more patients to diagnose disorders, helping them and their families move ahead with their lives. And we can provide information and resources for patients, clinicians, and researchers across the United States and the world. Philanthropic contributions provide a source of funding that’s independent of shifting government priorities, allowing us to move our work forward every day. All gifts, of any size, are welcome.

To learn more about giving to the Feil Family Brain & Mind Research Institute as a whole, click here.

Here’s how to give directly to the Center for Neurogenetics:

Donate online. Note that a credit card is required to make an online contribution. Please specify that you would like your funds directed to the Center for Neurogenetics.

Mail a check. Checks should be made payable to The Weill Cornell Medical College. Please indicate on the check that you would like your funds directed to the Center for Neurogenetics. Gifts should be mailed to: 

Tom Horton or Karen Carter
Brain & Mind Research Institute
407 E. 61st St., New York, NY 10065

To make a stock gift or for other questions about ways to donate to the Brain & Mind Research Institute, please call Tom Horton at (212) 746-4599.

“Thirty-five years ago it was clear that there were more neurological diseases related to genetic disorders than in any other specialty of medicine. It was a huge area that needed to be investigated. It took decades, but finally the resources came to us, partially through generous donors who understood the importance of this work. And now we are here. I see this as the beginning.”

Matthew Fink, M.D.
Chair of Neurology
Weill Cornell Medicine

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Center for Neurogenetics
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